Edge Testing

This past week in my Software Testing course I learned about edge Testing. I think when I was first learning about this subject I was more apt to lean towards boundary testing because my thought process was that everything that is supposed to work in a program should work and that’s what is important to test. Anything outside of that can just be blocked and is time consuming and tedious to check because those values will fail. However, I was intrigued by edge testing because it made importance in all values across the domain as well as out of bounds. I saw that it wasn’t enough to just assume the failures, you had to also know why they are causing a failure in order to combat them. Some problems are not easy to find but it is just as important to test the failures as it is to test the correct values and functions. Edge testing is a much more thorough and logical approach. This article was a nice pep-talk and helped persuade my thinking, check it out!

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