Digging In

The Dig Deeper pattern is all about knowledge and gaining more of it. More specifically, this pattern is about taking something new that you have learned or are currently learning and teaching yourself about that subject’s roots. It’s not enough to know how to use the subject matter to solve your specific issue, you need to know that subjects use as a whole to gain knowledge of its context. This pattern is about understanding how a system works as a whole and not just the part you are working on. This deeper knowledge allows you to understand your work more concisely based on the context of it as a whole, which will help you understand your specific issue even more.

When I first started reading on this pattern it felt like a very blunt lecture. It felt as though I was being told to learn everything to its fullest and if I do not then I will be a less desirable individual for hire. However, as I read on I realized it was not about having total knowledge of EVERYTHING, that would be overwhelming and nearly impossible. I began to understand that it was about delving your knowledge into specific things, subjects that you are currently working on. If you are working on a specific issue and find the solution, it’s not about knowing every way to solve the problem, but to know in detail the workings of your solution.

This pattern further enforced my idea that you can do anything, learn anything if you put your mind to it. If there’s something I really want to excel at, deepening my knowledge can only help me achieve my goal. Being able to fully express my knowledge on the specific things I have worked on, though maybe few, is far greater than a larger quantity of surface knowledge. It reminds me of using MongoDb for the first time in our libre food pantry project. It’s all good and well to set up a database and query and get the results you want. However, it’s much more important to understand how the database functions beyond my own entries and data types I’m working with. In furthering my knowledge I was able to communicate my understanding into the other areas of the project including tying the database to a Java REST API. I fully agree with the ideologies of this apprenticeship pattern, dig deeper into your knowledge and it can only benefit you.

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